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Regardless of how an affordable a college might be, if its quality is questionable, it is not worth attending. But how can a parent or an individual endorse a school as of high value?  Reputation, accreditation, and graduation rate are the essential elements that will ensure a school is on the upper level of the academic ladder.  Let’s take a tour of the three factors in detail.

Reputation: Students from schools with good reputations can assist a student to obtain a job. If their graduates still tarmac in the job market, then that is a red flag to the school. Visit the career services office of the college and inquire information regarding the school’s reputation.

Accreditation: Accreditation is an essential element to consider during the vetting process of a college. Colleges usually undergo a particular procedure to receive certification. Creditors are independent agencies which examine colleges or programs based on merits of student support, academic excellence, faculty credentials and available resources. Universities with the accreditation certificates are those that have proven high standards of quality education. No doubt, schools with full accreditation have instilled hard work for years to attain the thumbs-up certificate from accrediting bodies.

Graduation Rate:  Completing college needs substantial financial investments as well as a significant amount of time. No one wants to lose all the investment after attending a school. One of the essential factors to keep in check is the graduation rates of a college. Schools with high graduation rates are those that provide proper services and student assistance. On the other hand, low graduation rates could be a clear sign of, insufficient courses, lacklustre faculty, to perhaps, allow learners to graduate. Additional reasons may be expensive diploma mills.


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